Houseboat Holiday

PLEASE NOTE: Before you book online you should know that a charter fee will be added to the nightly rate at the end of the booking process.

The charter fee is not a 'secret' or 'hidden' charge and is publicised on our price list. You can find out what it is and why we charge it on our FAQ page.

Our booking system shows two screens during a booking. The first screen calculates the nightly rate and the second screen automatically adds the charter fee to the nightly fee. We understand that it would be better for our customers if the charter fee appeared on the first screen but that is not possible using our current online booking service. We are hoping to change this soon or find a new online booking provider.

We encourage you to check the prices before booking online so that you are not surprised when the charter fee is added.

Select the options below to proceed with the online booking service, or call us on 02 6647 6638 if you'd prefer to book your holiday with us personally.

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